Fork in the Road

September 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

This faltering old blog has reached its end. This does coincide with the demise of iWeb/MobileMe, but what of it? To follow my (hopefully more frequent) posts from here on out, please go to In the Proper Order.

Merci, et au revoir.


Snow Days

January 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

M and I were lucky enough to be invited to spend MLK weekend in Vermont at a relative’s condo. I was really excited about it, but as the weekend loomed, both of us remained under the weather and I was concerned. We hit up the doctor on Friday, armed ourselves at CVS, and braved the snow and cold.

It was totally worth it. It took one hour outside snowshoeing for my cough and sinus nasty to subside considerably, which was not what I expected. The cold air was so refreshing, the surroundings were beautiful, and I was finally getting good use out of my snowshoes. We otherwise occupied ourselves with endless games of pool, watching some sporting events on the television, and (for me, anyway) catching up on work.

All in all, a great way to spend one last weekend of relative freedom before plunging into full-time work (tomorrow) and the spring semester (next Monday). I could get used to having weekends open for fun and relaxation. Come on, May…


January 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

After such a long absence, I must apologize. I’ve been neglectful of the blog, which was something I wanted to avoid but fell into anyway. However, there have been some very good reasons.

This fall was the busiest semester yet, with three internships, two jobs, and a student group chair position (though I learned my lesson and dropped one of the internships). But I got through it just fine and did well in school and enjoyed my classwork. Then winter break started, and I quickly got engaged and found a full-time job.

So! Life is going to be busier than ever this spring, and my graduation date will be pushed back, but things are going swimmingly. I’m spending what’s left of my winter break getting things in order while I wait for my background check to clear, so that I am able to start a new job, move to a new home, finish school, and plan a wedding in the next year. Can’t say I’m not somewhat apprehensive about it all, but I am also so happy and excited about the direction life is taking.

So I’ll try to keep this updated, but please forgive any lapses. Before I know it, I’ll have my degree and a wedding ring and be (hopefully) better able to focus.

Busy, Busy, Busy

September 21, 2010 § Leave a comment

Now that my summer work is finally done, I can focus on this semester, which is already so much busier than I anticipated. Between class, two jobs, three internships, and club work (not to mention already starting to think about the job hunt next spring), I have so much less free time than I wanted. Despite that, I am enjoying myself tremendously. My education and future career trajectories are converging, and at a point I hadn’t quite intended but now seems it was the right one all along. Time will tell if this perception is accurate, but for now, I am quite happy.

The only downside is now having much less time to explore Boston and the rest of New England. I guess it is good preparation for re-entering the work force, but it’s slightly disappointing. I just hope I can find a job in the area so I can spend weekends sightseeing a bit in the future.


School Approaches!

August 30, 2010 § Leave a comment

Despite the fact that temps are supposed to be in the nineties all week, I am excited. The major heat wave has finally broken, and autumn is on the way. More importantly, school is on the way, and I am looking forward to it. I was rather ragged on education by the end of the spring semester, but a very different summer term reinvigorated me. Not to mention that this is my last year of school for the foreseeable future, and it looks like it’s going to be full of great experiences.

Home Again

August 4, 2010 § Leave a comment

I am very happy to be home. I loved London, and I could live there, but there is something so satisfying about returning to real life. Suddenly, the fabled long-off time of August is actually upon me, and I can start doing all those things I planned. School resumes on September 2, though my paper is due in the meantime. I have the odd luxury of three weeks with very little to do but work one day a week, go to the conservation lab for a few hours, and spend loads of time at the library researching and writing for a single paper. That means I can also finally finish moving into this apartment.

First on the list is completing the furniture. I’ve been living out of boxes in my room since May, but a trip to IKEA will go a long way toward remedying that. We also have to go to Vermont to pick up our dining room table and chairs from M’s uncle, and that will happily add another New England state to my list (only Rhode Island remains!). M and K will both be working every day during the week for the rest of August, so I’ll be around to put things in order and generally turn this into a home for once. I think we’re all tiring of the limbo sort of feeling that comes from the stacks of boxes everywhere.

I must admit that the major focus of my homesickness whilst in the UK was a list of things I couldn’t wait to go home and cook. Sadly, that is slightly postponed due to the lingering hellish heat and humidity in Boston. I’m contenting myself by paging through cookbooks and getting the kitchen squared away in preparation, but it is difficult. If anything, I now want a blender like crazy so I can concoct smoothies all day long.

In professional/educational news, I am excited for my autumn schedule. I will be taking the more advanced archives class, with its requisite internship. I really, really, really hope that takes place at the Peabody Essex Museum, since I am moving toward art/museum librarianship and can’t do the museum practicum in the spring, but I am at the mercy of the lottery system. I have a hard time with that. My second class is the cultural informatics introduction that was just introduced this summer. Since that is the way my interests are developing, I am downright psyched for that class. I am also finishing up another requirement by taking the archives establishment class with M. Should be informative and fun, I hope. This leaves mostly general requirements for spring. That will likely be boring and a slog, but I will occupy myself by job hunting.

That will be an interesting process. I have no intention of leaving New England in the near future, but I am painfully aware of the potentially saturated job market out here. With no real ties to any particular place, I could search elsewhere if need be, but I’d like to avoid that if possible. Then again, London was pretty good. Maybe I’ll go there.

M and I are off to Maine tomorrow for a few days to visit his grandmother and get me my first lobster roll. I am looking forward to that. I just have to finish the UK blog in the meantime. Somehow, now that we’re back, any remaining schoolwork seems to fade in importance. Must maintain discipline in the face of lingering summer…


July 3, 2010 § Leave a comment

I am in the United Kingdom until August first. Please read up on my adventures at Thirty Days in the UK. Sorry about the new link, but I’m trying to keep my school blog slightly separate from the personal one, since it’s part of the coursework.